Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear KDP Members,

Like every year, we will be holding our annual Literacy Alive! event to spread the love of reading and inspire students to read. I have tried to make this year's event as flexible as possible so that all members can participate. Below is the information on this year's event:

Event Date: February 25th - March 1st (Dr. Seuss Week) You will pick a day and time that suits your schedule sometime during this week.

Event Description:
Kappa Delta Pi members will pledge to read to students in schools they are volunteering, student-teaching, or teaching in. (A pledge is simply emailing me whether you are willing to make this commitment.)  On the day of the event, members will read a book that speaks to them and makes profound connections to students’ lives. Members will use the book and engage students in an activity/discussion to find commonalities and connections between themselves and others.
After you finish this lesson, email me ( the title of the book you read and a short description of your activity.

Take care,

Puneet Gill
KDP President

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